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Signs It's Time to Relocate Your Business

When you have an established business, the option of moving it to a new location is not an easy one to take. Business owners will consider other options, before choosing relocation, because of additional costs involved. But sometime you need to recognize the signs that it's time to relocate your business.


From Business Startup to Scale-up in Canada

Starting any new business, anywhere, requires serious planning and preparations to increase the chances of its success. Same goes for starting a new business in Canada, in addition to being well informed about Canadian business regulations. Here are some quick guidelines to help you with your planning.


Freelance Trends in New York City

It's an increasingly popular way to make a living - freelancing for others or building your own freelance career. Naturally, you will want to find places that offer the best opportunities to advance your career and develop good contacts. And, you wil agreer, that it'd be hard to beat New York as the place to do exactly that.


Working from Lebanon as Freelancer

In this ever-changing, interconnected world, the number of places where you can freelance keeps growing. Different job openings and lifestyle choices take people to many different places. One of those could be Lebanon. Here are some helpful suggestions and advice for working in Lebanon as a freelancer.


How to Impress Clients Visiting Your Office

It's one thing getting others visiting your office, it's quite another having your clients coming to your office. Whether you believe in it or not, first impressions do count. You have to make an extra effort to impress your clients, that will go a long way towards a quality, long-term business relationship.


Legitimate Work From Home for Beginners

Many of us probably hate having a boss and going to work. Given a chance, many people now take the opportunity to work from home. The ever-present internet makes it easy to find a myriad of legitimate jobs online. Yes, you have to watch out for scams, but don't let that stop you from trying a legitimate job from home.


The Importance of Online Reviews

In the recent years, online reviews have become of considerable importance. They provide benefits to both business owners and their current and prospective clients. Business owners can gain important insights into their customers' experience. Customers get vital information from others on products and services offered.


How to Stay Active Working From Home

While working from home offers many conveniences, there are pluses and minuses of such arrangement. One of those is lack of activity when you work from home. There's no daily commuting to and from the work, as well as no clear separation between home and work. You need to create a balance between the two.


How to Maximize Your Productivity at Home

Being productive is the key to doing your job effectively, whether it's at home or at work. The more organized you are, the greater is your productivity and ensuingly self-confidence and success. It's always important to 'stay on the top of the game', consciously striving to increase your productivity.


Why Working From Home Might Not Be For You

The internet has made many things possible, including creating new jobs that didn't exist only a decade ago. But while working from home has its appeal, you also have to consider other, not so appealing aspects of home based business. Before deciding to work from home, take a look at 'the other side of the coin'.


How to Split Finances Living Together

Being in a marriage or a live-in partnerhip takes a serious long-term commitment. An essential part of that commitment is being able to manage your household budget together. The following five ways to split your finances with a long-time partner should give you some insights and ideas to make it work.

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