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How a college degree affects
your hiring potential and future career

The advantages of college degree for career opportunities

The final year of high school is your last call to make a decision about going to college. Many people are asking themselves whether it’s worth it, and no wonder with the wayward economic situation and fluctuations of the job market.

However, we have investigated this topic and found many advantages a college degree would bring to the aspiring young professionals. Bear with us to learn more about it.

A college degree will advance your career
Attaining a college degree will give you additional advantages for your hiring
and career prospects.

Higher salary

It is probably one of the most frequently cited reasons when advantages of college degree are in question. And the math is simple, the salary of people with college education tends to be higher throughout their whole working life than of the people with high school diploma alone. Research conducted on a national level has yielded the following results:

  • Holders of Bachelor, Masters or PhD earn on average around 55,700 dollars, 63,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars respectively
  • Associates get approximately 42,000 dollars a year
  • Employees with high school degree earn from 23,000-32,000 dollars

Also, the earnings can vary among persons of the same educational level but in different sectors. For instance, someone with a B.A. in engineering or management may earn more than people with B.A. in educational department or social work.

IT industry offers great career potential
Higher education degrees will increase your well-paid employment opportunities,
such as those in the information technology industry.

Additional job opportunities

Does a college education leave us smarter than we were before? Although this greatly depends on our own hard work, the answer is affirmative for the majority of students. Even if they don’t recollect every single information we picked up in college, the students acquire two top notch abilities in the process. Firstly, they train their brain for analytical thinking, and secondly, they get disciplined to carry out a task in entirety without giving up.

Apart from increasing the marketability of the new graduates, a college degree clears the path to various lucrative options in their career. Considering high school diploma holders can only hope for the entry level jobs, it certainly pays off to get at least a bachelor’s degree. This will consequently enable you to apply for upper level and management positions. Lastly, the college attendees have the chance to build and expand their professional network they may use later in life.

Improve your career choices with good education
Like it or not, but a better education opens up many career well-paid choices
that are usually not as crowded as those with a lesser education.

Extra benefits

Who doesn’t like bonuses and extra employee benefits? The studies show that college graduates are more eligible for the job incentives and promotions than people who only have a high school diploma. This is particularly visible in the wide range healthcare packages, retirement terms, tuition reimbursement, coverage of travel costs and free child care.

Stable job

When the company is downsizing its personnel, the first ones to go are usually the employees with minimum skill level and education. Besides that, a more comprehensive education often leads us to serious companies with successful business history that are unlikely to make cuts in the high level circles.

Advanced interpersonal skills

Some people are naturals, but most of the regular students tend to improve their eloquence and polish their communication skills in the college period. The ability to express our thoughts in a concise, clear and persuasive manner doesn’t only have an impact on our professional success, but on virtually all spheres of our life.

A better college degree opens up greater career possibilities
Your career will be determined by your education,
resulting in your job prospects or occupation accordingly.

Job satisfaction

You can tell when people hate their job, and this may affect their overall performance. Satisfied individuals issue positive energy and an air of self-confidence that makes other believe in their competence and expertise.

The ways student life teaches us prudence, organisation and financials

  • The ability to stay within an allocated monthly budget
  • Getting used to the housing responsibilities by taking care of the student accommodation related responsibilities 
  • Staying away from any unnecessary loans
  • Saving for the rainy days
  • Being on time with the payments and bills of any kind

The college days are providing more than wild dorm parties. The obtained education launches us to more stable and higher-paid positions that offer us a chance to grow.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons and Pixabay

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate writer. In her free time she enjoys writing about a variety of home and small business subjects, including marketing and promotion.

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