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LED swimming pool lights

Underwater LED pool lights

How about throwing some color at your pool? Are you still using the out of date traditional halogen lamps? It is time to make a change!

  • We have been supplied lights for swimming pool with Color Changing for more than 5 years.
  • Different color Combinations or Shade effects can be created using LED lighting techniques.
  • Color Shade up to 256 modes can be created with our fitting.
  • Fixed and programmable remote control options are also possible.
  • Customized solution is also possible to suit individual requirements.

Underwater LED pool lights

Advantages of using LED lights are:

  • Long life up to 50,000 hrs
  • Low power consumption up to 1/5 of normal lights
  • Color patterns can be created
  • No chance of electric shock
  • Environment friendly lights
  • Remote Control options
  • Programming to different color shades using same fittings

Detailed Parameters:

1. Model Number.: LF-PAR56-SMD30W

2. Material: Thick Glass//Regular Glass/PC

3. Input Voltage: AC12V/DC12V

4. LEDs: 144pcs SMD5050

5. Output Power: 30W

6. Size: 178*114mm

7. Beam angle: 30/60/90/120 degree

8. Warranty: 1 years

9. Life-span: more than 50, 000 hours.

10. Weight: 1.05kg


This product is suitable for pool as the colorful illumination for water surface, water column and fountain, to produce reflection and color mixing, a beautiful and decorative lighting effect. It is enjoyable for hotel guests, holiday inn, or as home swimming pool adaptation.


1. Automatic changing color

2. RF remote control for AC12V

3. Switch Power On/Off

4. RF remote + Switch power On/Off

5. External controller (Can get the RGB color changing synchronous)

6. DMX512 (Can get the RGB color changing synchronous)

7. Wi-Fi control (Can get the RGB color changing synchronous)

LED Pool Lights

Our PAR56 LED swimming pool lights and LED spa lighting has been your No. 1 solution for lighting up your water oasis. The choices are not only for the color changing feature, but also the over efficiency of the LED pool lights. LED pool lights save 80% less energy when compared to other pool and spa lighting. LED pool lights will allow you to use the normal white light or you can also display a wide variety of colors for your pool. Color changing LED pool lights are comparable to the Fiber optics found in other pools, it is very simple and easy for replacement but will also save you money on your energy bill.

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