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How To Start A Home Based
Mobile Car Wash Business?

Start part-time and turn it into a full-time home business venture

Cleaning business is one of the great ways to venture you into the realm of self-employment. The start-up costs for the venture are relatively low. Government regulations are minimal too. To venture into mobile car wash business, do not quit your day job. Go on with it until it picks up before you decide if you can quit the job.

1. Identify Your Niche

Identify the already existing car wash companies in your locality. Study their unique selling point and let that be your weapon. Let your targeted customers be the busy buildings with a wide parking area. Keep your focus into wealthy neighborhoods too.

Another option for getting customers is local car dealership, car importing and exporting companies, car selling agencies, auto repair companies and the funeral parlor among others. In these areas, you are bound to bump into several customers in the same locality saving you gas, time and maintenance costs.

The areas are bound to give you regular customers too. But before you venture into the business, ensure you have drafted a good business plan for yourself.

Worker performing a manual car wash
Perform your car washing services with appropriate skills and a smile
and you will keep your customers happy and coming back for more

2. Training

Ensure you attend a course or training on the home based car wash business to enhance your skill set and knowledge on the subject matter. Learn the facts about the proper care of vinyl, plastic and leather. Know the unique and different types of waxes and techniques for cleaning and removing carpets. Gain basic skills on touching up a paint, removing swirls, fading and polishing.

3. Permits

Contact the authorities for the issuance of assumed name permit. A limited liability company is better for you as it allows you to seek loans and advices from financial institutions. Register with the right authority and liaise with the taxman ship too.

4. Pressure Washer

Buy a commercial van with a trailer. Make contact with your insurance company or bank over purchasing of the insurance policies they have and offer to their clients. Seek advice from several individuals who have vast and useful information about the venture. They will make your first customers too. Include in your van details about certification of your business and insurance too.

5. Buy Your Equipment

Buy all kinds of the equipment that are necessary to start up with a home based car wash business like water tank and a generator. In addition to this, you may use the equipment of high value that are rare to get including freshener and polishers. This will help better your services and make them stand out from the rest, thus your unique selling point. This will make your work easy and efficient in the long run.

6. Create a Team of Employees

Hire a reliable team of employees. Train and inspire them for greater delivery of services and productivity purpose. Equip them with the necessary skills and tools needed on the daily basis. Have a good and manageable number of employees that can complete the allocated task within the limits of the given timing.

Washing car by hand
Your mobile car wash employees should possess the necessary skills
to perfom the required service

7. Build a Website

Build a website that will market your business and services online. Keep the updated information about your business, services you offer and training you give to the public on your web portal. And also, include useful information about “How to Start a Home Based Mobile Car Wash Business” and the necessary maintenance too. Have a team to manage it and create more content for the website. And most importantly, create a page in the social media sites about your business and promote the business.

Apart from following the above tips to start your business, you have to book practical driving test today. Perfect your driving skills every day. This can be done in your local driving school. Attend the lessons and get certified with the driving license at the end of the training.

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